Netsuke is an amazing functional miniature art that started in the 17th century and is still made today. Sculptures that are so small, yet so grandiose in beauty and function as well as exquisitely great. My good friend said, once you bought your first one, you will never stop loving them. Love for netsuke is never ending. Time passes, people come and go, but netsuke stays forever, for the joy of new collectors and aficionados.

Our unconditional love to Netsuke led to construction of this website where a collector can find great netsuke at fraction of the cost. We specialize in all types of netsuke including katabori, manju, mask, sashi and ryusa. Edo period to contemporary, Ivory or wood, signed or unsigned, we have a lot different netsuke please let us know so we can put you on a wish list.

We have unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase please return the item in the same condition within 10 days and we will refund you the money.